Giving Back

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This is a time of year to be thankful and share our blessings with those around us. It has been truly seen this year as we have watched the community rally at the last minute to keep our beloved Thorold Santa Claus Parade alive for its 28th year. Thanks once again to all of our sponsors, especially the City of Thorold, Rolling Meadows and Walker Industries. They and all our sponsors donated so much to allow us to bring this great tradition to you once again. 

In the spirit of the season, Canada Post will be helping Santa by collecting the children’s letters so make sure you write the big guy and bring it with you Saturday November 24th. The parade committee is also asking that anyone who can please bring along items for Community Care (non-perishables), a twoonie for Socks for Change, and Tool Box Project (men’s toiletries) to keep the spirit of the holidays going. Let’s show our community how much we care Thorold!

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