Dress Cozy


The Thorold Santa Claus Parade is magical! The sunset sets the sky ablaze as the parade begins. This makes lights on floats dazzle but can also make us feel a little chilly. So be sure to take a few steps to help make sure it stays magical after Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose.  Help make the night special by being sure to dress the family in the toques, mitts, snowpants, winter coats and warm socks and boots. Be sure to layer, as it keeps the kids toasty. If it calls for rain try to bring rain proof coats, or plastic to sit on. 

Gather with your family, wrapped in warm blankets sitting on another or in your wagon and lawn chairs. Sipping the warm hot chocolate you brought in your thermos or purchased downtown, cupped by your mitted hands is another way to help everyone stay warm. We look forward to seeing all your rosy red faces Saturday November 24th at 4pm. 

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